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What is Home?

The dictionary meaning of home is a house, apartment or other shelter that is usual residence of a person, family or household. Apart from the literal meaning what really is home? They say it is the place where you belong! But where do I belong? Am I really at home or am I at some other place far from it?

What is Home?

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When home comes to your mind what is the first thing you think of? The place where you were born and bought up or maybe the place where you are now! It all differs from person to person. Most of the people will say that their home is the place where they were born or they would point out to a physical construction where they live and call it their home. And that is absolutely correct. By definition that is what a home is called, but it has a deeper meaning.

Home is a place from where all the adventures of life start and a place where it all ends. A place where all attempts to escape cease. It is a feeling that only you know. A place where you escape the world and you’re able to unwind. A place where you live, laugh and love. Where people gather to celebrate life and where unforgettable memories happen. A place where you find your friends, family and those who matter most. The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave but it feels even better to come back.

Home gives you an identity. A right to call the city, state or the country your own. But the concept of home changes entirely when you are a third culture kid (TCK). According to Wikipedia, third culture kid (TCK) or third culture individual (TCI) are terms used to refer to children raised in a culture other than their parents’ for a significant part of their early development years. “Hey man where are you from?  Canada! No, where are you really from? China!” Every TCK can relate to this kind of conversation and the sad part is that in Canada people would introduce the person as their friend from China while in China people will be introducing the person as their friend from Canada. This leads to a big identity crisis which every TCK faces. These individuals are one of the by-product of globalization and this is a good thing. This gives a new meaning to what home is, so home is not the place where you were born, rather it’s the place where you become yourself. It is not the place where you sleep but it is the place where you stand.

What is home for me?

Home for me will always be the city beautiful, Chandigarh. When I think of Chandigarh I think of the feeling of the fresh breeze of air in my hair while standing on the bank of Sukhna Lake. I think of my friends laughing and my parents smiling. I feel happy, I feel bored too. Countless hours spent in high school hallways and Friday nights spent in my bedroom, but that’s the part of home too. One thing I noticed about home is that I find aspects of it in different places. The sound of new friends laughing, the placement of dew-dropped grass beneath my toes and the birds chirping in the morning. Home is not a person, it is not a city rather it is a state of mind. It is the place where you feel happy, bored and sad. It is the place where you are you and you are comfortable. In future when I will move to some other place I know my perception will change and alter everyday, but I also know Chandigarh will always be the city I grew up in and will always be part of reality of my home.

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