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Why Should We Take Risks? (And How to Become a Risk-Taker?)

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something that you use to believe was not your cup of tea? While it’s tempting to stick to our routines, it can often lead to regrets later in life – whether that’s opportunities ignored, romances unpersuaded or words left unsaid. But a life without risks is a life unlived.Read More »


P-P-Pick Up!!! Life’s Too Short

Life is short. As a kid I always wondered if it was true or not! But some past experiences and a couple of recent events in my life have made me realize that it is absolutely true. Someone has rightly said that life passes like a vapour. We spend time and money as though we’ll always be here. We buy shiny things as though they matter and are worth the debt and stress of attachment. We seem to think that we’ll live for quite a long time but no the situation is not like that.Read More »